9.00am Sunday 25th March at Fred Ginger HQ, on what was a beautiful morning we decided it was a perfect day to do a photo shoot ♥️??

Today’s Make up trend was chosen by myself, I was massively inspired after a recent trip to India last year, I wanted to re create the look by doing the make up as it was done for me, the outfits and accessories.

After spending a few weeks visiting Mumbai, Agra, New Delhi, Pondicherry and Chennai, I experienced the Baraat, Mehendi, Sangeet and two fabulous Wedding ceremonies.

Before I went to India I was an accomplished shopper, well when your there you become even more so. As a result I did quite a bit of collecting (obviously) of Jewellery, Saris, Choli, Shalwar Kameez and Lahenga.

This outfit was tailor designed and styled by Kalki in Mumbai.

This is a Lahenga Choli (or Ghagra Choli) traditional dress popular in Northern India. There are different styles of Lahenga Cholis ranging from cotton types to embellished for festivals and special occasions to fully embroidered for a marriage ceremony.

Make up: Laurie, Fred Ginger Specialist Beauty
Model: Lynn Wilson
Hair stylist: Kirsty Innes
Photography by Joanne
Venue: Johnston Gardens, Aberdeen